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Having seen numerous seasons of the show, viewers have come to expect certain things from India’s favorite reality show. From catfights to love triangles and unexpected eliminations, Bigg Boss has it all. Viewers have seen a host of different housemates over the years — some good, some bad, and some ugly! Whether you are a fan or not, you can’t deny that the people who appear on Bigg Boss season 2 tend to be quite memorable. With such an eclectic mix of individuals living under one roof for so many weeks at a time, it’s inevitable that we see all sorts of characters emerge. Some are endearing and lovable while others are conniving and calculating. But what sets one housemate apart from another? Read on to find out which housemates make our list of the best and worst ever featured on any season of Bigg Boss:

The Best Housemates on Bigg Boss season 2 

Harsha Pathak – Bigg Boss Season 2 Harsha Pathak is one of the most memorable contestants on Bigg Boss season 2 ever. The fun-loving and bubbly Harsha was a breath of fresh air in the house and brought an energy that kept everyone engaged.His friendship with model Roshmi Chopra was definitely one for the books and will be remembered for many years to come.

Harsha and Roshmi’s incredibly close friendship set the internet on fire and their adorable on-screen romance became the talk of the town.Harsha’s desire to live his best life was infectious and he became the voice of reason in the house when tensions were high. His hilarious antics, kind heart, and sincere affection for his friends will be what he is most remembered for.Kishore Rungta – Bigg Boss Season 7Kishore Rungta may not have won the show but there are few who can deny that he is one of the best housemates to ever appear on Bigg Boss. The singer was a fan favorite from day one and remained so for the entire season.Kishore’s laid-back demeanor, kind nature, and sweet disposition made him an instant hit with viewers. The fact that he was always smiling and in a good mood made him even more lovable.

Kishore’s positive attitude and unwillingness to engage in drama made him a house favorite.Richa Singh – Bigg Boss Season 10Richa Singh was one of the most memorable contestants ever to appear on Bigg Boss. Her innocent, sweet, and honest nature made her a charming and endearing housemate.Richa’s determination to win the show was admirable and her refusal to be manipulated by others made her a fan favorite. Her refusal to accept gifts from her fellow housemates and her decision to donate her prize money to charity made her one of the most loved contestants ever.

The Worst Housemates on Bigg Boss

Jackie Shah – Bigg Boss Season 1Jackie Shah is one of the worst contestants ever to appear on Bigg Boss. Her conniving and manipulative nature was perfectly showcased on the show and made her a villain that many viewers loved to hate.Jackie’s scheming, conniving, and schemawhatsoever attitude made her a truly deplorable housemate. She was manipulative and devious and was never far from a drama-filled clash with other fellow contestants. Her penchant for creating trouble made her one of the most disliked contestants ever on the show.Ranbir Kapoor – Bigg Boss Season 3Ranbir Kapoor is another one of the worst contestants ever to appear on Bigg Boss.

The Bollywood actor was extremely bratty, entitled, and self-obsessed during his time on the show.His entitled and bratty behavior made him a hated housemate who was disliked by almost every single contestant. Ranbir’s relentless flirtation with women in the house and his tantrums whenever he didn’t get his way made him a deplorable human being. He was a petulant child whose attitude was not at all befitting of a Bollywood star.

Honorable Mentions: Other Notable Contestants

Anu Gowda – Bigg Boss Season 2 – Anu Gowda was a sweet and innocent contestant who was easy to like. Her quiet nature and polite demeanor made her a charming and lovable housemate.Apoorva Wakh- Bigg Boss Season 4 – Apoorva’s infectious and bubbly nature made her an adorable housemate. Her endearing personality and fun-loving personality made her a house favorite.

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The Bigg Boss house is a dynamic and unpredictable place where people from various walks of life are thrown together and forced to live in close quarters for a long time. This dynamic environment has resulted in some of the best and worst housemates ever featured on the show.Whether you love or hate these contestants, there is no denying they are memorable. Their antics and antics are what make the show so entertaining. With new contestants entering the house almost every season, there is always something new and exciting to look forward to.

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